The Mediation App Industry Grows; Snapchat Joins Calm, Headspace, Meditopia

If there’s ever been a moment—at least in this lifetime—when we’ve needed the stress-reducing benefits of meditation, it’s during a global pandemic. Research published in April in the America’s State of Mind Report detailed the toll that COVID-19 has taken on the country’s mental health. According to the report, by mid-March, more than 75 percent of all antidepressant, anti-anxiety, and anti-insomnia medications were new prescriptions.

We also know that the meditation market in the U.S. is booming—and valued at 1.2 billion dollars. In April, downloads of mental health apps surged by 2 million compared to January, totaling close to 10 million downloads by the end of the month, according to a report from Sensor Tower. And leading these downloads were meditation apps, including the Calm app in the number one spot with 3.9 million downloads, Headspace in second place with 1.5 million downloads, and Meditopia in third with 1.4 million downloads.

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