‘The Last Dance’: Michael Jordan met Leonardo DiCaprio in the locker room after winning his sixth NBA title

In 1998, Michael Jordan and Leonardo DiCaprio were two of the biggest stars in the world. Both were at or near the very top of their respective positions — Jordan was a five-time NBA champion chasing his sixth title (and second three-peat) with the Chicago Bulls, while DiCaprio was launched into stardom thanks to his leading role in “Titanic,” which became the most successful box office movie in the history of cinema a year prior. 

As we saw in footage that aired during Sunday’s night’s finale of “The Last Dance” on ESPN, Jordan and DiCaprio crossed paths for the first time in June of ’98 — immediately after Jordan won his sixth NBA championship. A 23-year-old DiCaprio was on-hand in Salt Lake City to watch the Bulls take down the Utah Jazz in Game 6, and the actor made his way into the Bulls locker room as they celebrated the championship-clinching win.  

Both seemed pretty excited to be graced by one another’s presence. Jordan had apparently watched DiCaprio star in “Man in the Iron Mask” (or “Man in the Iron Face” if you ask MJ) earlier that day and DiCaprio was extremely complimentary of Jordan’s performance to close out the series, calling it “poetic.”

It was a beautifully bizarre moment between two titans caught on tape and seeing it play out provided an unexpected joy in the closing moments of “The Last Dance.” It was also a pretty effective way of measuring Jordan’s star power, as even one of the world’s brightest young stars and Hollywood heartthrobs seemed pretty starstruck by HIs Airness. That should tell you all you need to know about how big Jordan was at the time. 

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