The Best of This Year’s New Watches So Far

This was the week that the global watch community was set to traverse Switzerland for two back-to-back watch shows (Watches & Wonders in Geneva and Baselworld in Basel). The two conferences were to bring the industry together to debut many of its launches for the entire year.

This year, however, isn’t like the others. LVMH had already decided to break from the traditional watch conference schedule this year and debut its offerings in January in Dubai. Over the weekend, Watches & Wonders took its news digital, while behemoths Rolex and Patek Philippe have decided to hold on launches for a few months or until the show reconvenes next year. But for enthusiasts, collectors, and escapists alike, there have still been some hotly anticipated launches that trump the many disruptions to the 2020 schedule. Thankfully, what’s been shared so far is a mastery of complications, technological feats, and an overall good-looking group. Here’s a look at what’s making waves so far this year.

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