The Basketball Tournament odds: Overseas Elite, Carmen’s Crew, Golden Eagles lead the pack for 2020

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From a sports perspective, the summer of 2020 will be one of the most jam-packed sports seasons in quite some time. With the coronavirus pandemic pushing almost every major sports league to pick things back up in the next few weeks, each day will be filled with sports content.

On that note, basketball fans in the U.S. will not only get to see the return of live games with the NBA, but also through The Basketball Tournament, a summer league basketball tournament that sees a host of teams compete in a single-elimination bracket for a grand prize of $1 million. This year’s edition will feature 24 teams and include players like Joe Johnson, Aaron Craft and Isaiah Austin. Best of all for those desperately hankering for more sports, it starts on July 4. 

The games follow standard college rules, with the exception of nine-minute quarters and a limit of six fouls per player, but the biggest format change TBT has over all other competitions is the Elam Ending, which was featured during the 2020 NBA All-Star Game. The way that works is that halfway through the fourth quarter, the clock is turned off and a target score is set, which is the leading team’s score plus seven. Whichever team reaches that point total first wins the game. The idea is that it eliminates intentional fouling and creates a more fluid game towards the end.

This year will see a tournament mainstay, the Overseas Elites, try and take their crown back from last year’s champ, Carmen’s Crew, which was headlined by Craft. The Elites feature a squad of Johnson, Jarrett Jack, Bobby Brown and Xavier Silas. Austin will play for Heartfire.

Find the odds for every team in the tournament down below.

The Basketball Tournament Odds

Overseas Elite, +160
Carmen’s Crew, +250
Golden Eagles, +450
Boeheim’s Army, +700
Eberlein Drive, +1200
The Money Team, +1400
Red Scare, +1800
Team Hines, +1800
Brotherly Love, +1800
Team Challenge ALS, +1800
Big X, +2000
House of ‘Paign, +2500
Jackson TN Underdawgs, +5000
Playing for Jimmy V, +6000
Team CP3, +6000
Heartfire, +6000
War Tampa, +6000
Stillwater Stars, +6000
Power of the Paw, +7500
Men of Mackey, +7500
Armored Athlete, +10000
Mid-American Unity, +10000
Herd That, +10000
Sideline Cancer, +12500

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