Polo & Pan Pick Their Top 10 French Touch Tracks: Playlist

The official start of summer is still more than a month away, but with the days getting longer and the breezes getting warmer, we swear, we can feel it.

Polo & Pan are feeling it too, with their dually breezy and psychedelic strain of French Touch playing like it’s been made specifically for pool parties in Saint-Tropez or Monaco or your own backyard — even if that “pool” is just your hose connected to a sprinkler.

To ease us into the summer mood, Polo & Pan have today (May 6) released a new hour long mix heavy on French Touch vibes infused with their own work, including music from their forthcoming album, the followup their 2017 debut LP Caravelle. Check out the mix below.

Beyond, the group’s Alexandre Grynszpan has also selected ten of his own essential genre classics, with the playlist digging deep into some true gems of French artists from the ’70s to today. “I’ve heard that imagination is memory, which means that French Touch didn’t start or end with Daft Punk,” Grynszpan rather mysteriously tells Billboard DanceHere, in his own words, he gives his own, “personal definition of the so-called French Touch.”

Gillian Hills, “Le Paradis Pour Toi”: A deep optimism, a feeling of escape and a smooth voice all make this song a pure French jewel.

Patricia, “La Mer Est Paresseuse“: This extremely melancholic song is pure poetry. Just the title itself is so cool, it literally translates to “the sea is lazy.”

Serge Gainsbourg, “Ballade de Melody Nelson”: When Serge the genius makes us fly with his prodigious arpeggios and legendary melodies. A classic gem.

Vladimir Cosma, “Tendre Sam”: The maestro is from Romania, but his heart is definitively French as he wrote the codes thirty years before everyone. You can still hear his influence on the electronic music of nowadays.

Louis Chedid, “Ainsi soit-il”: French touch is a family affair. Here in the Chedid clan, we call him the father.

Thomas Bangalter, “Club Soda“: The two first seconds are thirst quenching with this mythical track by Thomas Bangalter, half of Daft Punk. Released on his own imprint Roulé, it’s the perfect piece to get people to dance.

Bob Sinclar, “Vision Of Paradise”: Everyone has an opinion about Bob Sinclar, ours is the following: don’t forget his debut album PARADISE; it’s a French Touch masterpiece.

Étienne de Crécy, “Prix Choc”: A great classic from this time. and a wave of emotion every time we hear the song play.

Jacques, “Tout Est Magnifique”: You can’t file this under any [style.] It’s just a timeless.

Lewis Of Man, “Flash“: Stuck on repeat. Perfect to listen to on a German highway. 

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