Lennon Stella Defends the ‘Weird’ Way She Says ‘Bagel’ During a Day in Quarantine: Exclusive Video

Lennon Stella‘s quarantine routine is simple: “Wake up, Zoom, go to sleep, repeat.”

The star, who recently unveiled her debut studio album, Three. Two. One., took over Billboard‘s Instagram on Thursday (May 28) to take us through a day in her life as she shelters in place at her Nashville home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Between putting on makeup, singing, playing with her adorable dog Ocean, and setting up a new couch with her boyfriend, Stella made a variety of meals, one of which was a bagel with jam. But the simple snack proved to be quite controversial, because when she told a fan on livestream about her lunch, she was met with shock over how she pronounces “bagel.”

For Americans, bagel is typically pronounced “bay-gel,” but for the Canada-born singer and actress, the bread product is pronounced “bag-el.”

“I’m receiving a lot of backlash on the fact that I say bag-el,” she explained. “So I’m just wondering if that’s actually weird or if people are just weird and if people are just hating on me for no reason. Maybe it’s Canadian, but bag-el is how you say ‘bagel.’ It’s not really up for discussion, so yeah.”

Check out Stella’s full IGTV video below.

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