Laura Ingraham: Biden ‘a doddering fool who can’t control the mob on the streets or the mob in his own party’

Laura Ingraham took on presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden Wednesday, saying the former vice president’s plan for handling the coronavirus pandemic would only make matters worse.

“Yesterday, [Biden] tried to show us that he’d be more hands on regarding the pandemic, offering never-before-heard solutions like ‘appoint a commanding COVID officer’ or he’d ‘help small businesses.’ Oh, wait, didn’t Trump already do that?” Ingraham said. “Try again, Joe. Well, of course, we know, regardless of what he says, the only big thing that poor old Joe would do differently are the lockdowns.”


“In other words, he’d mandate a national shelter-in-place order, which, of course, would push us toward a socialist cliff,” Ingraham said. “And, over time, it would end up killing more people than it would save.”

Ingraham argued Biden really had not plan to handle the economy, as well.

“So could a Biden economy ever approach that in the middle of a pandemic? Of course not. Because with no credible plan to create jobs, Biden could only use the empathizer-in-chief approach while trash-talking school reopening plans,” Ingraham said.

The host criticized Biden for avoiding pressing interviews, saying they would only serve to reveal “the truth.”

“Biden refused to subject himself to difficult interviews, either because he’s incapable of answering tough questions, cognitive decline, or he’s afraid that maybe he’ll reveal the truth: that to survive in his party, he’s become little more than a puppet of the radical left and below,” Ingraham said. “It’s a movement that believes the founders were evil. Capitalism is evil. The Constitution is evil. Most Americans are racist and, thus, evil.”


Ingraham slammed Biden’s agenda, calling him a “doddering fool.”

“Biden is engaged in a high stakes shell game, stoking the fear in the public about the virus or racism,” Ingraham said. “And maybe no one will notice that he’s a doddering fool who can’t control the mob on the streets or the mob in his own party.”

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