Kany Garcia Takes Fans on a ‘Mesa Para Dos’ Journey in Heartfelt Virtual Concert

Kany Garcia found many creative ways to keep in touch with her fans during the global pandemic. Thanks to social media, she offered fans weeks of activities, including a day of self-care, cooking, fitness and acoustic sessions.

But on Saturday (July 11), Garcia took it to the next level, hosting a virtual concert from San Juan’s new arena, Coca-Cola Music Hall. She also became the first female artist to perform at the new Puerto Rican venue.

In a one-hour live stream, produced by Move Concerts and made available on Live Pass Play, the award-winning singer-songwriter debuted live songs from her new Mesa Para Dos album.

“Join me on the slope, in the open wound, in the uncertainty, in the frustration, in the crying,” Garcia’s voice kicked off the show. “Join me on a stage full of empty seats, on canceled tours, when I no longer know what to do, when I think that everything is already lost. Come with me, your hand is no longer a body part with five fingers. Your hand is my hope, it is light, it is the streets, it is history, it is future, it is my strength, and the just certainty that together we are invincible.”

Wearing a blush dress with a black belt hugging her waist, Garcia opened up the virtual show with her single “Acompañame.” She was joined on stage by drummer Antonio Alonso, bassist Bryan Pérez, guitarists Cristian F Rivera and Josian Feliciano, and backing singer Olga Irelys Gonzalez.

She then performed singles such as “Me Mude,” “Alguien – Duele Menos,” “Bailemos Un Blues,” “Remamos,” and “Para Siempre.” Paying homage to her album’s name, which translates to “table for two,” Garcia also invited some special guests to her concert such as Tommy Torres, Carlos Vives, Pedro Capo, Gusttavo Lima and Camilo, who formed part of the event from their homes.

Garcia wrapped up her set with her heartfelt track “Lo Que Veo en Ti,” but before the journey ended, she thanked her over 30,000 online viewers from all over the world.

“Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to continue connecting with you in this way,” she said, expressing that she misses live shows and interacting with her fans in person. “Thank you for this time and I hope you had a wonderful time as I did.”

See photos of the live stream on Instagram.

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