Justin Bieber Files $20 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against Sexual Assault Accusers

Justin Bieber is taking legal action against the women who accused him of sexual assault, E! News has learned. 

On Thursday, June 25, the 26-year-old pop star filed a $20 million defamation lawsuit against two Jane Does, who are identified as “Danielle” and “Kadi” in the documents, for “falsely” leveraging claims against him on social media last week. 

The lawsuit states, “The malicious statements made by ‘Danielle’ and ‘Kadi’ (who may be the same person under two accounts) are absolutely false, and their respective heinous accusations that Bieber engaged in the alleged sexual assaults are outrageous, fabricated lies.”

On Saturday, June 20, a Twitter user who identified herself as Danielle but has since deleted the account, alleged that Bieber sexually assaulted her on March 9, 2014 at a hotel in Austin, Tex. In an attempt to refute the person’s claims, Bieber responded on Twitter by sharing photos, correspondence with members of his management team and hotel reservation receipts that he alleged placed him in a location separate from where Danielle said the assault occurred.

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