Great Timing: Trump’s Gutting of Fuel Efficiency Rule Will “Likely Contribute to Thousands of Premature Deaths”

Right, okay, sure. Obviously.

“As I was pulling downwards to try and remove the magnets, they clipped on to each other and I lost my grip. And those two magnets ended up in my left nostril while the other one was in my right. At this point I ran out of magnets.” Before attending the hospital, Reardon attempted to use pliers to pull them out, but they became [magnetized] by the magnets inside his nose.

As Reardon tells it, “Every time I brought the pliers close to my nose, my entire nose would shift towards the pliers and then the pliers would stick to the magnet. It was a little bit painful at this point. My partner took me to the hospital that she works in because she wanted all her colleagues to laugh at me. The doctors thought it was quite funny, making comments like, ‘This is an injury due to self-isolation and boredom.’” On the one hand, probably not the best use of hospital resources, on the other, perhaps some much needed comedic relief for those on the front lines.

Stay safe out there, everyone.


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