Dez Bryant calls Cowboys ‘extremely out of line’ after signing Andy Dalton before Dak Prescott

Former Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant strongly criticized the franchise he used to play for on Saturday shortly after news broke that Dallas was bringing in former Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton. His main gripe was that Dalton was given a contract before current starter Dak Prescott, who has been having trouble getting an acceptable long-term deal from the Cowboys.

To get the pedantry out of the way, Bryant only “saw” the Cowboys pay Tony Romo once during his time on the team. The wideout was on the team in 2013 when Romo got his six-year, $108 million extension, but was three years from making the league when the quarterback got his six-year, $67.5 million extension in 2007. Regardless, his point still stands as Jerry Jones opened up the checkbook twice for Romo and the 2013 contract was given after an 8-8 season — coincidentally, the same record Prescott had in 2019.

When a reporter tried to challenge Bryant’s concern on Twitter, the wideout responded in a way that would have one believe he still harbors some resentment towards two-timing executives.

As one might expect whenever an athlete shares their opinion, Bryant’s replies quickly became inundated with people who were ardently defending the Cowboys picking up a quarterback who hasn’t made the playoffs since 2015. To quell the flames, he offered a minor apology.

Prescott was given the franchise tag by the Cowboys, which turned out to be worth $31 million, as the organization and the quarterback hash out the details of their long term deal.

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