Cubs’ Anthony Rizzo shares hand sanitizer with Brewers’ Orlando Arcia at first base on Opening Day

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Throughout this coronavirus pandemic, people have been encouraged to keep their hands clean as often as possible. For Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo, that advice does not hold less significance on the field.

After Brewers shortstop Orlando Arcia hit a line-drive single in the third inning on his first trip up to bat against Chicago on Opening Day, Rizzo was kind enough to hand his opponent some hand sanitizer upon reaching his base. The offer was kindly received, and some germs were taken care of as Rizzo laughed off the interaction.

The reason this act wasn’t pulled off sooner in the game was that Arcia was the first Brewer to reach first base. Presumably, Rizzo expected someone to reach the base sooner so he could break out the move early and not worry about it for the rest of the game. 

Given that every sports league is a copycat league, one has to wonder if this is a trend that will continue with other first basemen — or even Rizzo himself — or if MLB will play the fun police and start asking players not to do this kind of stuff anymore, perhaps thinking that foreign substance could be applied to the baseball. Maybe the league will rule that hand sanitizer becomes a disadvantage over time as players start to rub almost pure alcohol on a hand that’s been busted up by play, causing some immense pain.

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