CorePower Yoga Teachers Make Another Attempt to Unionize

CorePower Yoga (CPY), the largest yoga chain in the U.S. with more than 200 studio locations, faces a familiar challenge as a nationwide coalition of the company’s yoga instructors attempt to unionize for a second time.

There is discord among CorePower teachers throughout the country as they mobilize around shared grievances. The first unionization effort dates back to 2019, when CorePower Yoga instructor Effie Morgenstern attempted to start a CorePower teachers’ union in Illinois, an initial effort that saw little traction and resulted in a labor lawsuit instead. A group of 2,180 CPY instructors had claimed they were not fairly compensated for all hours worked—a violation of Illinois state and federal law, of which a $1,492,500 settlement was paid by the company.

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The unionization movement saw a recent resurgence following the murder of George Floyd, when CorePower Master Trainer Joel Klauser posted a photo of a flower with the caption “I can breathe” on Instagram, which was met with outrage and was quickly removed. This incident of systemic racism was not an isolated one within the company, according to former CorePower Yoga instructor and studio manager Leana Marshall, and it was exactly the catalyst a growing coalition of dissatisfied CPY instructors needed to attempt to unionize again—this time, nationwide.

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