8 Yoga Hammocks for Turning Your Practice Upside Down This Summer

Whether you’re a seasoned aerial yogi or interested in integrating a yoga hammock into your practice for the first time, these 8 yoga hammocks are the perfect addition to your daily yoga session. You’ll feel supported as you float upside down and inversion therapy is a great addition to your playful self-care routine, removing the pressure of gravity on your spine and lengthening the spaces between vertebrae. Get full-body engagement, relief from back pain, and the feeling of flying with these aerial yoga essentials.

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F.Life’s Aerial Yoga Hammock

Launch yourself into another galaxy with F.Life’s Aerial Yoga Hammock printed in starry sky. Easy to adjust and clean, this double point hammock is perfect for stretching, relaxing or practicing your aerial yoga poses. Its premium elastic fabric is more forgiving than parachute fabric, making your sessions more comfortable. ($69) 

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